Wife getting hot massage

Hi friends, it’s me from South Africa again. I’ve submitted a few stories b4, & Here is another episode of my life. I just cant get enough of my sexy wife, I lust over her body day & night and simply cannot keep my hands (and cock) away from her. Recently she has been complaining of a sore body & I’m sure it’s bcos of all the sex I demand and the various positions we try. I decided to treat her to a body massage.

I found a Thai Massage & beauty parlor near our home and decided to check the place out first. The place was great, very neat and only cute Thai girls worked there. I ordered a massage for myself and decided to get friendly with the girl. She gave a mast massage. After the massage she noticed I was a bit aroused & asked if I wanted a little extra ?

I was shocked to hear this as I expected this to be a good, clean establishment. She told me she can give me a ‘happy ending’ handjob! but there is no touching her allowed etc. I at first declined but then my hormones got the better of me and I agreed. While she massaged and stroked my cock I thought of my wife and got an idea.

I asked her if she does this for her woman clients too, and she said she hasn’t had that request before. I devised a plan, I told her I’d like her to massage my wife and also try the ‘happy ending’ massage on her too. I didn’t know if my wife would have agreed so I told the thai girl to make her horny & relaxed during the main massage and I’m sure she will agree.

I also told her that I’d like to hide behind the curtain & watch. I paid her and gave her a huge tip and left. The next day I gave my wife the voucher for her massage. She asked me to accompany her as it was the first time we visited this place. When we entered we were greeted by the beautiful thai massage girl, she told us that she is alone today as the other girl was sick,

so she will lock the front door and attend to my wife. She directed my wife to the room and told her to undress and sleep face down on the bed, while she locked up and prepared the oils. The lady took me thru to a side room which was joined to the massage room by a large slide door covered with a curtain. I opened the slide door and hid behind the curtain.

I was just in time to see my wife just in her bra and panties. She wore a sexy bra that pushed her cleavage together and her panties were just as sexy as her. The massage lady walked in and said to her what a sexy body she got and she got on nice underwear. I noticed my wife blush. My wife lay face down and the lady dripped some oil on her back and started the massage.

She started on her shoulders and neck and asked my wife if she could open the bra as it was in the way. she continued to massage her back and then went to her feet, calves and higher to her thighs. Now a little secret about my wife is that if she gets her thighs massaged it makes her horny!!! The lady massaged my wife’s thighs for a while and I’m sure I heard my wife moan!

The lady then moved to her butt and massaged her cheeks, she asked my wife if she would be comfortable to remove her panties as it was so nice she didn’t want to ruin it with the oil. My wife looked so sexy as she lifted er bum off the bed to pull her panties a bit down and then raised her legs towards her chesh to fully remove her panties.

She tried to throw it onto the chair where her clothing was but it missed and fell to the floor. The massage lady picked up the panties as if she was going to keep it with the clothing but instead threw it to me – how sneaky yet clever of this woman. My wifes panties were absolutely wet and the fragrant smell of her pussy was all over them.

The massage lady contimuead to massage her buttocks and then asked her to turn over onto her back. The massage lady then massaged her thighs and arms. Just as she was about to finish the woman asked my wife if she would like a breast massage as it will make her feel nice and relaxed, my wife said that this was very unusual but agreed.

The woman then poured soume oil onto my wife’s breasts and gently started a circular motion massage onto her boobs finishing each one off with a little tweak of the nipples. My wifes eyes were dreamy and she was smiling like a young schoolgirl. The lady then asked my wife how the massage was and my wife replied

‘great ! I have’nt felt better’ she then said that my wife should thank her husband for giving her the voucher, which my wife said ‘indeed, I will’ The lady then asked her if she wanted a ‘happy ending’ ? My wife was very naive and didnt know what this was and asked what it was. The lady replied that it will relax her even more and make her very horny and excited and ready to thank her husband sexually.

My wife was quite surprised but agreed. The lady then poured some oild onto her tummy and started massaging her tummy and thights, she asked my wife to raise her lags and open them a bit while she massaged her iner thighs her fingers brushed my wife’s pussy and my wife gasped, the woman told my wife to relax and just close her eyes and enjoy.

She gently teased my wifes pussy, rubbing gently, teasing her lips and clit and slowly inserted one finger, my wife responded by squeezing her own breasts and moaning, the lady continued to finger her and then put in another finger and with her other hand kept rubbing her tummy where my wifes womb would be, she did some kind of tantric massage on my wifes tummy and then she inserted the third finger.

My wife was now thrusting her hips up to meet the lady’s fingers and was also moaning in excitement. I on the other hand was hard as a rock and decided to pull out my dick and jerk off. My waife was now moaning out that she is going to come and the woman then moved her hands and fingers faster and faster.

My wife let out one last moan and came, teh sheets below her and the ladys hands looked slick and wet, I’m sure my wife squirted. Immediately the woman turned around and told my wife she can dress and she left the room. I blew my load into her panties and was worried about how she’d get her panties back.

My wife just got off the bed, put on het clothing without her underwear, she grabbed her bra and stuffed it into her handbag, she looked around on the floor for the panties but could not find them so she just quickly left the room. We met in the reception and I told my wife she looks like she enjoyed it, she just grabbed my hand and rushed out to the car.

I asked her if anything is the matter and she said no, she just needs to hurry home and shower. When we got home she hardly waited for us to enter when she grabbed me and stripped off my clothing while she pulled off her own, she kissed me passionately and led me to the shower. We soaped each other up and she asked me to fuck her as she cant wait anymore.

I asked her what the issue was and she said she will explain later. I took her in standing position and fucked her. After the shower we went to the room and dried each other off and applied lotion. As I was applying the lotion she told me how horny the massage made her, she never told me exactly what happened, but she said she definetly wants to go again.

I also never told her that I had set up as well as watched the entire scene. I will just have to wait till next time and then see how she responds. We made sweet love again that night and I’ve now booked another massage session for next week. I hope to hear from you readers about this experience of mine and I will surely let you know how things turn out with my wife and her favourite massage lady.

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