Tripti getting fucked by devar Aashish – I

In the end as I have wrote down my whole experience, now when I am writing down the introduction of the same, I would like to say that I am not a very good narrator, neither I am good in English but I have given my best to write down my life happening into words and also tried to make it look like a sex story, obviously all the names are changed and to be more clear I have chosen these names from this site itself.

I am Aashish (name changed) nick name Aashu, Just a graduate with an additional foreign language diploma, not English, so I am expecting that my mistakes of grammar and vocabulary will be excused by wonderful readers of this site. This is my experience of my first sexual intercourse with my Bhabhi, my elder brother’s wife, and her name is Tripti( name changed).

Before getting to sexual experience straight away, I would like to describe the environment in which all this happened as it was just not lust or desire which bought us close, this did not happened in a second or minute or in a day, it took plenty of time. And to describe everything which bought us together, I have to take readers into my past.

You can say I was just a kid when my elder brother got married with her, Tripti Bhabhi was really beautiful, or I should say that according to me she is most beautiful female I have ever seen, and the one who has made my life beautiful with her love. Anyways, I was studying in class 10th when my brother got married with a fair and good looking female, Tripti, and truly speaking I never thought about her in that way.

Tripti Bhabhi got adjusted very easily in our family of four people, my mother, elder sister Shruti, me (Aashu) and the eldest child of our family, Ravi Bhaiya with whom she got married, as my father expired when I was in 8th. In next couple of years Tripti Bhabhi became heart of our family and she was my and my sister’s best friend.

Rather whole house was depending on her, and she was doing everything with perfection, I was preparing for my boards, my sister was doing her graduation and Tripti Bhabhi was helping me as if she is my friend, my sister, moreover I will not hesitate to say that she considered me her son and prepared me for my boards, getting up at 4 and making me study, sitting with me for hours just to talk,

just to motivate me to do well in exams, preparing food for me in odd times, and she did everything which she could do to make me study and to make me realize that how important is education. On the other end my sister Shruti was doing her graduation and after her graduation her marriage was round the corner, simultaneously Tripti Bhabhi was working on that also,

she was teaching cooking to Shruti, and various things which could help her to settle down in some other family environment. And apart from all this Tripti Bhabhi and Ravi Bhaiya, were saving money very seriously, as both were working Ravi Bhaiya was working in one private firm as an Accounts officer and Tripti Bhabhi was Hindi teacher in public school, though I didn’t knew this at that time,

and I came to know later when this money and all there preparations came in our vision. Anyway time moved a bit and after high school I cleared 12th too very convincingly and started my graduation in sciences as Bsc, by that time my sister Shruti was graduate and on one fine day her marriage got fixed in a very good family and everybody was happy, and Tripti Bhabhi was happiest among all.

But our happiness did not lasted for a very long time, after few months my brother met with an accident and he passed away on the spot, it was disaster for us, and I cannot write what we all were feeling at that time, everything seemed into dark, and none of us came in senses for long time, including Tripti Bhabhi.

Suddenly whole perspective of our life changed, and as expected in next few months everything got messed up. Apart from the sorrow of loss of our soul of the family we started facing financial problems, Shruti my sister tried to find a job but she remained unsuccessful in the beginning, as she was getting married soon, (though date of marriage was postponed,

and exact date was under consideration) and will be leaving town and nobody gave her a chance, moreover Tripti Bhabhi did not wanted her to work as it is a normal Indian mentality to get conscious for a girl who is suppose to get married in short time. Now everybody was afraid of time, Time was running and with every passing day marriage date was coming near,

many times my sis Shruti cried in Tripti Bhabhi’s arms while saying that she is not going to marry, and wants to cancel but Tripti Bhabhi handled her with patience. As far as Tripti Bhabhi is concerned, I cannot dare to write, what she was going through as it is beyond my ability, Tripti Bhabhi almost forgot to smile,

she got busier and busier as she started taking tuitions at home for children up to 5th for almost all subjects, and she use to get free by 8 or 9 in the night. Time moved further, after some time we received some amount as my brother’s saving (P.F. and all) and initially we thought that now with that money we will live with ease,

but Tripti Bhabhi made us live like as we were living assuming we have not received anything, restricting us into very tight budget, and truly speaking as a immature boy at that time I use to get irritated by this, the way she use to write small expenses and use to ask about each and every penny.

After some efforts my sis Shruti got one job, but she was restricted to come home by maximum 6 by Tripti Bhabhi and that is why she remained unsuccessful to retain that job as distance between her office and home was bit too much. Tripti Bhabhi did not give any importance to Shruti’s job and remained unmoved on her decision.

Soon Shruti got another job of lesser salary near our house, now like Tripti Bhabhi she was also teaching, but she was teaching French, which she learned in her collage as a subject. Inflow of money improved but not our life-style, we all were feeding just our basic needs, that’s it. I remember one of my mistakes of that period for which I almost got beaten up By Tripti Bhabhi.

In the night around 11, I was laying on the couch reading erotic stuff while keeping it inside my register. Suddenly Tripti Bhabhi appeared from the door behind me and found me reading something other than my courseware. Actually I was not expecting anybody from that side, even she didn’t knew that I am laying here, as I use to sleep with my mother and Shruti my sister and Tripti Bhabhi use to sleep in the other bedroom.

I don’t know when she got up and went out from the back door, into the veranda to get the dried clothes from the rope which is tied outside and came in from this door as she saw that main door is unbolted. Anyway she came closer to me in curiosity to see that what I am reading while keeping it in my register and took it from my hand and as she saw a Hindi erotic stories with bit of hand made nude sketches,

in which boy and girl were having sex and penetration is shown, she banged that book on my face very hard and went inside. I was in shock and before I would have done anything, Tripti Bhabhi came back after putting clothes which she bought from out side and picked up that book from the floor and went inside kitchen and after a minute she appeared again and crossed me while going out to veranda with that book which was burning.

Tripti Bhabhi set that book on fire and threw it out and then went inside her bedroom. After that I was in strange mood, I did not talked to her for next couple of days. I was little afraid of her, also bit angry on her, mainly because of that knock of the book which she made in anger.

Once again after few more days I was studying in the drawing room and everyone else was sleeping, my sis Shruti in her bedroom and my mother in other, Tripti Bhabhi came and stood bit far from me and continued watching me study. I got bit uneasy and this time with sarcastic expressions showed her the side of register on which notes were written, just to make her sure that I am not reading that stuff.

Her expressions did not changed with my act and she remained calm, and after a minute she came bit closer and sat on central table which was kept near the couch on which I was laying. I got up and looked into her eyes as if I have not done anything wrong. “Aashu, don’t misunderstand me” Tripti Bhabhi spoke in very soft voice, I continued looking at her,

“I am expecting a lot from you, and I am depending on you” her voice was very soft, then again she spoke, “I want you to study very hard, so that we can live better, everything depends on you and your hard work” (whatever she spoke, she spoke in Hindi and I have translated it into English).

Then after a pause she spoke again, “I am sorry for what I did at that time, mujhe gussa aa gaya tha” and by the end of the sentence tears started flowing down from her eye as lot of water was already floating in her eyes. And she got up to go and before turning she caressed my cheek with her soft hand and went inside her bedroom.

I was speechless, I did not had anything to speak, I was unable to gather courage to say even sorry to her. Suddenly I realized that Tripti Bhabhi has become lot older than her actual age and in no time she is changed a lot. Finally after some more time the marriage day came and everything went much better as it was expected, that day I realized that why Tripti Bhabhi always insisted us to remain in tight budget,

as it was marriage and in India marriage means hell of expenditure and it was Tripti Bhabhi’s efforts that she managed everything so well that all our relatives were shocked to see everything going so well. Finally my sis Shruti departed with her husband and now Tripti Bhabhi got bit relaxed, but it was not over, lot of money was spent on this occasion and she did not had much now, situation was once again same.

Tripti Bhabhi continued working like she use to and now she use to spend time me, started motivating me to work hard in my studies, she use to discuss my career options with me and started searching post graduation courses for me, and use to talk to me about different courses and all.

By this time I knew that what she was getting as a salary and what she is earning as an extra income by giving tuitions at home, and knowing that it seemed impossible to me to go for further studies with good career options, but Tripti Bhabhi was really very enthusiastic to look forward.

It was not that she was not realizing that whatever she is thinking is really very difficult to attain, even then she wanted me think about that, may be just to keep my moral high. Time moved and finally I took a way to learn Chinese language and while doing my graduation final year I started learning Chinese expecting a reasonably good career as an interpreter.

Anyway life moved further and by now I was dam serious about my career and I cannot write what feeling and what place Tripti Bhabhi was having in my heart, I had something for her which cannot be defined in words. I wanted to see her happy and I was working hard just to give her comfortable life.

I could see that she was working and just working from last few years, I could see dark circles and aging lines under eyes and face. Don’t know when her beautiful face became dull. As such I had only one thing in mind that I have to earn lot of money to give her comfort and happiness. And for that I was studying hard, day and night and once again Tripti Bhabhi was supporting me, and finally I was successful in clearing my final year exams.

I continued learning Chinese, and almost one more year passed, as it was 2 year diploma, and financially I was still depending on Tripti Bhabhi, but by now my mind set was changed, even I was very conscious about spending money and Tripti Bhabhi was realizing this change in me and she stopped directing me for money and always gave me more than it was required,

I tried to look for part time job as I use to have plenty of free time, but once again Tripti Bhabhi stopped me to do anything, and told me just to focus on my studies and on regular intervals she insisted me to go for a movie and all and many times we saw movie together. Particularly In this span of time. I was getting closer to her,

I don’t know what it was truly speaking I never use to think about her in that way, unknowingly I was taking care of her, I started helping her in her work, sometimes use to cook before her arrival from school, sometimes use to prepare breakfast and I think even she was getting closer to me, and started sharing her past life with me which she spent with my brother and told me that they

( Tripti Bhabhi and Ravi Bhaiya) had a plan a of baby after my sister’s marriage and everything turned around in a fraction of second, that night we were sitting in living room and Tripti Bhabhi cried a lot in my arms, even I cried with her. Like that life moved further and the incident which bought me and Tripti Bhabhi further close occurred.

Tripti Bhabhi was working as she was working, as I said life was bit relaxed now, and finally I was on the verge of my final exam of foreign language, and exactly around that time Shruti my sister was here for few days. And this was the time when something happened and unknowingly going through many feeling like sorrow, anger, fear, mental stress we came closer and closer and finally had sex.

Anyway in those days I use to sleep in living room after studying very late at night, and as earlier Shruti use to sleep with Tripti and Mom use to be in her room. I remember it was Shruti’s last night here on this trip as she was leaving next day evening and my mom insisted Shruti to sleep with her, Shruti tried to say that she will stay with mom till the time she fells asleep and then she will go back to Tripti Bhabhi’s room to sleep.

But mom insisted Shruti to sleep with her as I use to sleep on couch those days. I remember at that time Shruti stared into Tripti Bhabhi’s eyes and Bhabhi replied from her eyes to her and Shruti just said ok to mom, it took my attention but I took it lightly, as such there was no reason to think much about that.

By eleven everybody was into there bed and today Shruti my sister was in mom’s room at my place and Tripti Bhabhi was alone in the room. I studied till 1:30, and between that time span Shruti came out number of time, once to get water to drink, once she went inside Tripti Bhabhi’s room and came out after 5-6 minutes, and then went inside kitchen and before that asked me if I want to have tea,

I said ok to it and she made tea for me, Tripti Bhabhi and for herself. While having tea she sat with me to chit chat and indirectly asked me that for how long I am planning to study. And couple of more things happened which were very odd for me, as she was residing with us from last 2 days and she never walked out get water and more over we never use to have tea after dinner.

I was feeling really very strange as her gesture was not normal and somehow she was keeping an eye on me, am I still awake, or sleeping. Finally after1 when once again Shruti came out with some lousy reason to see me, I decided to pretend sleep and asked her while putting up my book on central table that if she can switch off the main light. She switched it off and went inside to sleep with mom.

I was well awake but I pretended to sleep. Some time passed, nothing happened, for a fraction I thought that it was mere my suspicion, but I was wrong. After around 10-15 more minutes once again door opened and Shruti came out. I immediately closed my eyes. Shruti walked towards me, came closer,

leaned over me to confirm that I am sleeping and then walked back but towards Tripti Bhabhi’s room and gently knocked her door and door opened and Tripti Bhabhi asked her on the door itself, which I think was (because she spoke in whisper), “Aashu so gaya?” and Shruti replied with yes by moving her head and then Shruti went inside the room and Tripti Bhabhi closed the door.

All this made me very uneasy, I tried to divert my mind but nothing helped me and I got up, gave a thought to it and went out into the veranda and through thin passage went behind Tripti Bhabhi’s room, I tried to peep inside and from the corner of the window I got a glance of things happening inside.

I could see from the corner of the window and more or less Tripti Bhabhi’s whole bed was visible from there, when I peeped at that time as such nothing odd was going on, Shruti and Tripti Bhabhi were laying on bed bit far from each other,

Tripti Bhabhi was laying on the left portion of the bed facing roof and Shruti was laying somewhere at the joint of the double bed with the support of her elbow facing away from me, for a fraction I annoyed myself to think dirty,

but don’t know why I kept on staring inside may be because from that place I could see bit of Tripti Bhabhi’s legs as her saree was folded up, but it was well below her knees, I could see the flesh she had below her knee joint and her fair skin was looking beautiful.

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