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Dear Readers, Here is a new fantasy story about wife, hope you will like it. This is incidence of five years before, when I was 35 and my wife was at 30. I was working in a multinational company and was mostly on tours for company’s work. When ever I was away from my wife has to stay alone. She always uses to complain about her loneliness in my absence. There was a beauty parlour and Jim in front of my house.

One leady Shabnam was running that beauty parlour and her brother was operating Jim. Shabnam was a nice leady and use to take care of my wife in my absence even some time if I am not there she use to sleep in my house with my wife. Shabnam was a widowed 10, 11 years senior to my wife and her brother was around 28, 29 years old. He was a body builder 6’ height, little dark always unshaved.

Shabnam was living little far from my house with her children but her brother Shaukat use to stay in Jim in night.  One day, near my some body suicide near my house since then my wife was more scared to stay alone in night. I was trying to avoid my tours as much as possible. After some days during chilly winter of December I was instructed to go Bombay to for some important work as there was no other option with my boss so I could not refuse.

I reached house and inform that, I have to leave within one hour for Bombay. She was not happy and said “Mai akeli kaise rahongi samne vali Shabnam did bhi shaher se bahar gayi hai”. I said “Jan! Try to manage it is very important, I will tell Shaukat he will take care” She agreed with heave heart. I left house around 6.30 pm for airport. While leaving I saw Shouket and request him

Yar shouket please mai Bombay ja rahe hon, just take care of my house”. I was about to reach airport my boss called me and stopped me to go Bombay as some body is coming form our Bombay office. I ask auto driver to take back to my house and try to call my wife to inform her that my program is cancelled and soon I will be there with her but my phone battery finished and I could not make the call. I thought with in 30, 40 min I will reach house and give her surprise.

I reached my house around 8.30 pm from the road I saw main entrance door of my drawing room was open and light was coming out. Auto driver took 3,4 minutes to return my change in the mean time some one close the door from inside. I was surprised only my wife is inside did not see me and close the door may be because it was dark on the road. When I reach near door I heard some voices from in side.

I stop myself to ring the bell and try to hear inside conversation. It was Shouket asking my wife “ Bhabhi sab thik hai bhaiya kab tak ayege”. I thought “Oh this is Shouket who came to ask well being of my wife and I was about to ring the bell but stopped as I heard another male voice Bhabhi aap mujhe janti hain mai Shakeel hon, gali ke mod per meri electric good ki shop hai”.

His voice was fishy for me as I knew him he was around 29 years old average built, always chewing pan masala, cuning smiling face with long hair. Often I saw him sitting in his shop reading hot magazines and eye catching the woman passing through. I started finding the place so that I can see inside. I reached to side window of drawing room and try to peep inside through the slit of curtains.

I was in position to see sitting area of my drawing room and hear the voices inside. Their conversation: My wife -Shauket aar Shabnam didi kab tak aa rahi hai. Shauket -Sunday tak, Bhabhi agar aap ko dar lag raha ho to hum yhin so jate hai aap apne kamre mai so jaye hum yahi fring room mai so jaye ge.My wife -Nahi Shauket koi bat nahi tum samne hi ho agar jarorat hogi mai tumhe bula lon gi tum coffee loge mai bana rahi thi.

Shauket gave his acceptance. My wife went in side to bring coffee. I thought every thing is normal and I should enter the house but I heard Shakeel telling Shauket “yar shouket tu thik bolta tha mast hai” then they start whispering each other I could not listen. My wife came in, with 3 cups of coffee and serve to everyone. I was not shocked to listened words from Shakeel.

I know his type but Shauket is also? I waited. Shakeel ask my wife with a cunning smile Bhabhi, Todi chini milegi mai coffee me chini jayada leta hon” she say yes and went inside. Suddenly, Shakeel took out some thing from his pocket and put in my wife’s cup of coffee. I was shocked but wanted to know their intention. My wife came back and put sugar in Shakeel’s coffee while putting sugar in his coffee she bent in front him so her saree pallu slip down and her

34 size boobs were exposed to him through her deep cut blouse. Shakeel stare her boobs and look shouket with cunning smile. Shouket smiled too. She sat back in front of them and start sipping her coffee. They start talking again. Shouket – Bhabhi aap ke paa cards hai chaliye time pass karne ke liye cards khelte hai, My wife -yes I am also not sleepy now.

She left to bring cards on this Shaiket and shakeel clap on each others hands. She brought cards and they start playing. After 2, 3 games I saw my wife start swatting and trying to dry her face by her saree pallu her eyes were also becoming drowsy. They both observe this and smile to see each other.

Shakeel -Chalo naya type ja game khelte hai.My wife -What new game. Shauket -Bhabhi ham log ise bachpan me khelte the. Striping game, isme hum 3, 3 cards sabko bate ge aar jiske cards sabse bade hoge wo baki dono me kisi ka bihi jiska wo chahe ek kapda khud utar sakta hai aar jiske kapde utare jaye ge wo apni eyes band rakhe ga. Shakeel -Yes maja aye ga. My wife -No No ye kaisa game hai. Shaulet -Khelo na bhabhi maja aye ga.

They observed her body heat because of medicine they put in her coffee. After little argument she agreed with shyness in her eyes and they start playing. They distributed cards. In first round my wife won. They ask her to remove cloth of any one. She said “no no I am leaving my chance”. They forced her no you can not drop your chance you have to remove. With shy and sex in her eyes she say I will remove Shauket’s own.

Shouket stands straight with his open hands and closed eyes but Shakeel’s eyes were open to witness. Slowely she moved to Shauket and with shaking hands removed his shirt. She could not stop her to stare on strong well built hairy chest of Shauket. Now Shauket was in bare chest which make my wife more aroused. In second round Shauket won. I thought they must be waiting for their chance to win and make my wife nude but surprisingly

Shauket removed Shakil’s shirt and shake hands with Shakeel. There was a winning smile on both of their faces like they were thinking that the bitch in the game. I knew their aim was to make my wife nude.  The third round made my wife fully in the game when Shakeel won. He saw my sexy cunning eyes. I knew if this idiot will win he will make my wife nude but how still

I was not sure. My wife said “no no I am not playing I don’t like the game”. She tried to get up but Shakeel put his hands on her shoulders and made her sit and said “Bhabhi sach batao kaya aapko maja nahi aa raha hai. My wife covered her face with her both palms and shaking her head no. Shakeel sat on carpet near front of her.

Still she was covering her face, slowly! Shakeel lift her both legs keep on his both thighs and insert his both hands inside of her petticoat he rub her thighs with his palms inside and suddenly full her panty out. He dropped my wife’s legs down and got up with her pink panty in his forefinger like a victory flag. He smelled her wet panty with a deep breath and through it to Shauket.

He also smelled her panty and throws it on next sofa coach where 2 male shirts were lying. My wife was still sitting covering her face with palms with all cloths on her body except her panty. That was lying on the coach showing inside picture of her saree. They distribute the cards again, but my wife was not removing her hands from her face. They came near to her and try to pull her hands from her face said

Come on bhabhi be sportive” She remove her hands, there was sex appeal and small water in her eyes. I was thinking how she should have felt the rough palms of Shakeel on her bare thighs, did he fingered her also? Any way, all this made me aroused also. Next two rounds Shakeel and Shaukat won but both of them did not remove any cloth of my wife instead they removed each other’s trousers now they were in their vests reflecting their huge grownup man hood.

Even my wife could not stop her without peeping on their hugeness. I think she became more aroused to see their strong hairy body which they observed also. At this stage again my wife said Chalo ab bus band karte hai”. They say “no no bhabhi ye cheating hai please one more” and cards distributed again.  This time Shauket won and he came near to my wife made her stand.

There were fear, shyness and sex in her eyes and again she covered her face with her palms. Shouket slowly untuck her yellow saree pallu from black deep cut blouse brought it down. He put his palm on her navel and suddenly removes the saree tuck from paticoat and pull the saree out with other hand. Now she was only in black paticoat and black blouse.

Open part of her fair skin from black paticoat and black blouse was giving them indication that what they are going to enjoy. Her saree was on floor, Shauket was still standing in front of her. With his both hand he removed her palms from her face and too her face in his hands bent on her and put his lips on her lips. Initially, she resists small but when he force her to open her mouth and push his tongue in her mouth.

She lost her control and put her hand on his head. Shakeel, who was still sitting saw her weakness. He moved near her and starts opening her petticoat’s nada. Shauket was still smooching her so only with one hand she try to hold Shakeel’s hands to stop him, but no use Shakeel pull her nada out even nada was out of petticoat. She observe that nada is going out of her petticoat quickly she hold the petticoat with her one hand.

Now shakeel was holding her nada in his hand. Her lips were still blocked by Shauket’s lips. Her petticoat was very loos but still she was holding one edge of her petticoat. Her bare and fair buttocks were peeping out of her black petticoat. Shakeel hang her nada on his neck he rub her buttocks with one hand and with other hand pull her petticoat down. She was totally nude below her blouse.

Shauket who was still kissing her, from down he insert his one hand in my wife’s blouse and start squeezing her one boob gently which made her more horny.  Seeing this, Shakeel could not stop himself. He came back to her and inserts his hand in her blouse and his one hand was rubbing her buttocks. Suddenly! She shakes her head and jump her legs. Her lips came out from

Shauket’s mouth and she cried “aa aa aaa see see uiiii no please itni jor se nahi no no no please Shakeel” I understood that it was shakeel who squeezed very hard. Shouket shout on shakeel “dhire dhire dekho bhabhi bhi kah rehi hai jor se nahi” and they both left her stand and step back. She put her hand on her breast with pain on face.

I thought Shauket is gentle but shakeel is going to tourcher her a lot. Now Shakeel kissed her and say “Sorry bhabhi aram se kare ge”. This was first time after becoming nude she saw in their eyes with shyness. They did not give her much time. Shauket came near to her and put his lips again on her lips to make her in the game again.

He holds her hand and pushes it in his vest she try to pull her hand out but he holds her. Now even Shauket left her hand she was not pulling out. Seeing this Shakeel also push her other hand in his own west and now she was bottom nude having both hands inside of two strong men under wears making their huge dicks ready to fuck her. Still Shauket was kissing her.

Shakeel took his both hands to her blouse buttons from her back and start opening. Within few seconds her blouse was hanging open on her shoulders quickly shakeel open her bra hook and pull it over her boobs. He cup her breasts from his both hands and bent his face to a take a close look. He amazed to see 34 size fair breasts with dark tits.

He put his mouth on her nipple. Shouket also stop her kissing and bent his mouth on her other tit. She bent her head back and close her eyes as both men were sucking her both breasts same time. Her both hands start rubbing their cocks under their vests. Both of them were squeezing her butts also. They stay in this position for 5 mints. Shauket left her and remove his vest his manhood was exposed almost 9” very thick red big prick.

He made Shakeel away from her body and lift her in his both hands. He took her one side out of sitting area. I thought he must have carried her on divan at other corner of our drawing room to penetrate her comfortably. Shauket and my wife were invisible from my eyes. Shakeel was still in sitting area he pick his treasure and took out some medicine sallow it and look for water he went towards kitchen.

Now no one was visible to me. Suddenly I heard my wife’s voice “aaa aaa shauket nahi ghus paye ga tumhra bahut bahut bada hai aaaa please leave it” Shauket shouted “Shakeel dressing table se cream le kar aa, Sali ki choot bhaut tight hai” But my wife cry “Please mai tumhre haat jodti hon jane do”. Shouket shout “chup Sali abhi dekh isme sab chala jaye ga”. I was surprised, his language was changed from bhabhi to Sali.

Shakeel came in with tube of cold cream and from the sitting area he throw the tube towards Shauket with a cheerful shout “le shauket cream laga kar phad de Sali ki”. When my wife came to know that cream has come she cried loudly “nahi nahi cream se bhi nahi ja paye ga bahut bada hai mai mar jaon gi”. I heard the voice slap I think Shouke slaped her. I was having anger for my wife that why she allowed both of the beasts to seduce her now better let them tear her apart.

Shakeel was still sitting on sofa rubbing his crotch watching Shauket fucking my wife. Only Shakeel was visible to me I was unaware of how shauket is fucking my wife? Only their voices were realising me about the happenings there. Again I heard mixed voices of Shauket and my wife.

My wife cried -nahi nahi Shauket please leave me tumhra bahut bada hai, aaa aaa oh oh.
Shauket -tu ese kaya chilla rahi hai jaise kabhi chudi nahi
My wife -nahi shauket tumhra bahut bada hai please mujhe chod do jo tum bolo ge mai karon gi
Shauket -abhi to bus tu mera lele apne ander.

Suddenly Shakeel shouted “Kaya Shauket kayon nekhre sun raha hai iske phad de ek bar mai lagta hi Sali ki choot ka sahi istmal nahi hua hai” I felt ashamed again my wife cried “aaao aaaaao shauuuu bahut dard ho raha hai. Then a loud voice of her “uuuuuiiiiiii maaaaaaa no no please ahh ohh ohhh ohhh” Shauket “Sali abhi to adha bhi nahi ghusa hai ese chilla rahi hai jaise pahli bar chud rahi hai”

Then mix with the sound of my divan my wife’s cries “uuuumaaaa oohhh hai hai uiiiiiiiii aaawww” I thought she is penetrated by Shauket fully. Shakeel who was watching all this said loudly in cheerful voice “Waah! Sali ko bahut dino se dekh rahe hai aaj ke apni randi bani” Cries of my wife continue “aaawwo aaawwu siiiaaa siiiaa shauuu awww awww dhiiiiiireee dhiiiiiree pleassss aw”

After 5,6 min her painful voice turned in pleasure moans but still she was in pains “Awwuuu Shauuukat awwuu you hit my womb, please slowww its big” Shakeel who was sitting on sofa coach shouted “Sali kayon chilla rahi hai hum dono se phadwane ke bad kisi ka bhi le le gi” he stood and removed his vest I was shocked to see his dick. It was very peculiar not long like Shauket but extra ordinary thick black thicker top like toilet brush. I thought this man will really tear my wife apart. He also went other side of room, where shauket was fucking my wife.

Now no body was visible to me only I was hearing my wife’s cries and other voices for next one hour. Then I saw shauket came back to sitting area, he was sweating and totally nude. His dick was still looking very huge though not fully erected, he lift my wife’s panty from sofa coach and cleaned his dick. After 30 mints all was quite in side Shakeel also came back to sitting area and said

Yar shauket maja aa gaya mast mal hai, ab to ye apan dono ka mal hai”. They start wearing cloths. After getting ready shakeel throw my wife’s cloths and said “ab kaya padi hai le kapde pahen le” and he throw them towards her. I think still she did not move so they went that side. Shauket said “Bhabhi kaya bahut dard ho raha hai”. Shakeel said “Bhabhi paheli bar hum logo se chudi ho isiliye dard kar raha hai, agli bar dard nahi hoga”

After that some kissing voices from room and they brought my wife to sitting area by holding her. She was dressed but not properly. She collapsed on sofa coach. They asked my wife “Bhabhi aap ja ke bed room me so jao, hum yaha per so jate hai” and she went inside the bed room. I did not enter in my house instead I went out and stay in a hotel.  Dear readers to know how I handled them and my wife or them handle me wait for next part. Your responses are welcome on

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