she began to lick on the tip which made me mad

Omana Chechi was my ammayi’s sister. She was unmarried at the age of 34. I don’t had any sexual intentions towards her. But all changed in one single night. 4 yrs back when I was studying for degree my ammavan called me asked me whether I can stay at night for 2 days at his house along with ammayi as he wanted to go to Punalur. I agreed. I reached there by 8pm. Omana chechi had also came without knowing that I am coming. Seeing her I decided to go back.

But ammayi told me to stay and gave me my cousins room. By 11pm I woke up by hearing a sound and saw that ammayi who is a doctor is about to go to hospital to attend an emergency. She went when the hospital car came telling me that u be here till morining 7am.

Omana Checi was also awake. She was wearing a nighty a nice one. She was looking at me and I gave a smile and went to sleep. After some time I felt some one rubbig my cock. I was uable to see anything as it was dark. So I began to woke up.

Then I heard the sound of Omana chechi “ehtu nan annu “.Before I could say anything she pressed my face to her breasts. The front buttons of her nighty was loosened. After the first shock, my blood also got hot and I embraced her tightly and I made her sat by my side.

She was still caressing my cock. I tried to pull down her nighty and she helped me. Soon she was nude abosolutely nude.I removed my dress and seeing my big cock she came up and began to kiss it. Then she took it into her mouth and I was on seventh heaven.

She sucked my cock hardly.Then she began to lick on the tip which made me mad. I am feeling the arrival of my hot thing. So I told her to stop. But on hearing this she increased her speed and in a short while I shoot loads of hot sperm into her thirsty mouth.

She took every single drop of my semen and lay on the bed. Then I began to caress her breasts hardly and she moaned with pleasure. Then I started to taste her breasts. I began to suck her nipples deeply and she was on heaven.

She pressed my mouth hard to her both breasts. I sucked, licked and gave small bites occassionaly. While I was tasting the honey from her breasts, I inserted my right hand between her thighs and began to caress on her love spot.

Slowly I started to rub on her clitt and after a short while I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and she moaned. Her pussy was already wet and that wetness caused a “bulk bilk” sound when I moved my finger to and fro.

Suddenly she shivered and told me to replace my finger with my cock. I lied on top of her and she guided my cock to her pussy. It touched her pussy lips and then I gave a hard push and my cock was in and then

I gave few hard thrusts inside her and she moaned loudly “OOOOOH” with ecstacy. She embrassed me tightly and I started fucking her. She began to moan and shout. Then I gave a deep thrust and at the same time

I tightly rubbed her breasts and she moaned “avoo ayyo ahhh ahh fuck me darling give me your milk my baby ohh”. And I replied to her by grinding my cock inside her cunt. That made her mad with pleasure and she moaned

“ohh enthu sukham aaaaaa ouch ouch enne eniyum nallonam kalikkeda” and gave me a bite on my ear. I too was getting mad with pleasure and also was heading towards a wonderful orgasm. Suddenly she started to rub my back and buttocks and cried

“im coming ohh darling fuck me fuck hard thrust hard my baby oucch”. Hearing this I began to speed up my movements and I also was coming to the climax. Suddenly she gave me a hard kiss on my throat and took my ear and told that she

“came” and I felt the wetness of her juice on my prcik which made me even mad I stared to thrust wildly and soon, very soon I poured my hot milk into her hot pussy and she cried with joy. My semen flooded from her pussy and came down to her toes. And both of us were exhausted.

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