Hot Bengali mom – son story – II

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The next day, Shujan looked for Utpal to tell about his mother-fucking. But Utpal had his story too. Utpal started, “Remember Shujan, I told you yesterday that my mom, Rupa is far sexier than my sister, Uttora. I was thinking how to fuck mom.

And you know what happened. I finally fucked my own sexy mom, Rupa Ganguli. Mom is such a horny slut, fucked me at least five times last night. Even this morning, I had to fuck her first after breakfast. When I got home yesterday,

I found Rupa the slut, ohho she is a slut right, is spraying perfume to her armpit. Don’t assume that mom shaves her armpit or pussy. Mom’s armpit is full of curly hairs, the cunt is hairy too. But she uses some French perfume there to make it smell like flowers.

When mom was spraying perfume to her armpit, she was wearing only a Saree. Her tits were clearly visible through the saree. Her back was bare too. I was hard watching mom looking like the randiest whore at Nimtoli brothel.

Anyway, I sat on the bed right before mom’s face. Mom did not seem to care my presence and was going on with her spraying. She was messaging her armpit hairs with her fingers when she asked me, ‘Utpal, you like to say something to mommi?’

I said nothing. Only smiled, took the perfume bottle in my hand and was about to spray some more to her other armpit. Mom simply raised her other hand to show me her hairy armpit. I sprayed perfume to the hair and started running

my fingers through them and said, ‘Mom, Why don’t you shave your armpit?’ Rupa Ganguli, my whore mother patted me and replied, ‘My son you know nothing. My grandmother used to say that shaving your armpit will inhibit your sexual desire.

You’ll understand this when you’ll have a wife to fuck. Never let her shave her armpit, son. When men licks the hairs at armpit, ladies experience the best orgasoms. Now why don’t you spray some perfume to my pussy too, son.’

Mom raised her saree, widened her leg and gave me her hairy cunt. I sprayed some perfume there and started messaging her cunt hair too. When I touched her clit, mom was biting her lips. She only said, ‘Utpal, don’t do that.

It makes me be horny. what will you do then?’ I waited no more, grabbed her bare ass with my hands and began to squeeze them. My toung was at mom’s cunt. I started licking it fast then. Mom grabbed my hair and said, ‘Utpal, your dad never licked my cunt like this before.

I can not take it any more, it is too good. Please, Utpal, my son take mommi to the bed and fuck me.’ I shoved her to the bed, tore away her saree, hold her tits in both hands and rammed my cock in mom’s juicy cunt.

When I was fucking her with vigorous nipple biting, mom was in ecstacy. She said, ‘Utpal, I didn’t know your cock is so big and fat. Your dad never gave me so no such good fuck. Nobody ever fucked my cunt even down at my gut like this before.

I am really proud to have a son like you. You just fuck your mom and make me pregnant. I want to be the proud mother of your first child.’ Listen Shujan what happened this morning. When I wake up this morning, my sister Uttora came with the bed tea.

She never gave me no bed tea before. I asked her surprized, ‘What makes you to bring tea for me this morning, sister?’ Didi blushed and said, ‘I will give you bed tea every morning from now on. Only you will have to fuck me too.

I am your sister, right? Why keeps me out of all the fun?’ Then mom entered the room and said, ‘please, Utpal fuck your sister a little bit too. I am thinking how nice it would be if you two are married. I will have the grand children by you too.’

I waited no more, tore away Uttora’s shalowar kamiz and fucked her right there. Uttora now acts as if I am her husband. Mom says she is going to sleep with me from now on, unless dad wants to fuck her. That’s it Shujan. Isn’t it great?” Shujan told his story too. Two friends were very happy.

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