Friend Enjoys My Wife

Hi ISS readers, this is real story that happened to my wife on our wedding night. I am Ankit, 28, working in a computer company and drawing good salary. I am 5′8″, with decent looks and athletic build. My wife Anita, 24, is a fair, hot, slim girl with a perfect structure that can turn anyone on. Her size is 34-26-34. She is 5′4″ and weighs about 45 kgs. She has black hair, with beautiful face, attractive eyes and lips. Her breasts are soft and firm. Her waist is one of the hottest and has the perfect curve. Her ass too has a sexy shape.

On the whole, a girl who can make any man desire for her with just one sight. She is a dentist by profession. Our marriage was an arranged marriage. But we had known each other for about 5 years, as her family and mine were friends. Our marriage took place in Bangalore. And for the wedding night we were to go to a resort outside the city where one of my friends in school, Sagar was working as the chief engineer. We had reserved our rooms through him only as the resort was almost full.

After the marriage was over, me and my newlywed wife started to the resort by 6 30pm. On the way we talked a lot about sex, as we both were virgins. We decided to please each other orally first and then finishing off in missionary position. We reached there by 7 30, where our friend was there to welcome us. He received us and told me to wait in the lounge until my wife who was sent to the beauty parlor to get ready for the night returned. Sagar gave me company for a juice* till she returned.

My wife returned and she was looking gorgeous in her outfit. Sagar wished us luck when we went inside the beautifully decorated room. While she sat on the bed, without her knowledge, i put a handy cam on record from a corner table with a clear view of what’s going on in the bed and hid it well.  She wore a red saree with low-neck blouse, also her navel visible. Her silky hair was straightened and let loose with some flowers on. She wore a golden chain between the partition of her hair, a pair of ear rings, 2 necklaces,

Mangal sutra many bangles and a waist band, and was looking like a princess. Her saree and blouse were in such a way that the shape of her breasts are clearly visible and showed that she didn’t wear a bra. The backside of her blouse had nothing but two narrow ropes tied to hold the blouse. She was just too sexy. We sat on the bed, ate some chocolates and started caressing each other. But soon I felt drowsy and woke up only next morning.

My wife was totally upset with me for spoiling her wedding night. So we had sex many times at home. I had no interest to take a look at the handy cam, as I had made a total mess. In a year or so, my wife gave birth to a child. At that point of time only I found use for my handy cam after that night. But when I switched it on, I was shocked to see what had happened that night. After I had lost conscience, my wife had called and asked for help from Sagar. He came inside and said that i might have been tired and slept and that’s normal, and no point waking me up. Then a deep conversation started between Anita and Sagar.

Sagar seemed to be consoling her, and was touching her body constantly. He asked about what type of sex she expected to have on her first night and she revealed our conversation that took place in the car. Then she seemed to be getting horny and to her horror, Sagar revealed that he had mixed sleeping pills in the juice I had(which made me fall unconscious), and that he had put something in the chocolates we had.

He seduced her by praising her appearance and that her figure was perfect, passing some dirty jokes, etc. By this time, the chocolate’s had its effect and Anita was in mood to have sex and Sagar took advantage of it. He hugged her and kissed her passionately running his fingers through her hair. The 90kg giant was too big for my wife, but she seemed to be enjoying it. Then he took me from the bed and put me on the couch.

The bed was free for them now. After caressing my wife for same time, he slowly removed her jewels one by one, except the Mangal sutra, which she didn’t allow him to. Then he took off her saree. Anita removed his clothes and inner ware too, and was amazed by his ultra-huge penis. His cock was erect and reached about 10 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter. My wife’s eyes were fixed to his tool.

He then grabbed her body and untied the knot on the backside of her blouse, it eventually fell, and my wife was topless, exposing her beautiful breasts to my friend. Then he massaged her breast for 2 minutes, before taking his palms down through the side of her body till he reached her skirt. He pulled her skirt and panties off. She was totally naked with my friend. Sagar then kissed her pussy and rubbed it for some time. He was squeezing each part of her hot, naked body.

Whatever she was to do with me, she was doing with my friend . He held her breasts and tightly squeezed them. She moaned loudly and he sucked her erect nipples hard. Then he moved down to her clean-shaven vagina and started fingering her while she really relished it and he started tongue fucking her till she climaxed.

She was blushing and next he asked her to suck his cock. Being new to the field she was a bit hesitant, but he stood on the floor, made her kneel down, opened her mouth and pushed his dick forcefully into her mouth and pulled her body to and fro until he exploded his load in her mouth. She drank some of it and the remaining was squirted on her face and hair by Sagar.

Then she was ready to lose her virginity, she lay down on the bed and with her face full of lust, asked Sagar to fuck her. He climbed over her and slowly pushed his dick into her tight vagina. His dick being long and fat, found it hard to go inside the small passage. She screamed with both joy and pain as he rammed his dick into her clean-shaven vagina. It started bleeding. They held each other so tightly that they were almost one.

He was grabbing her hard and crushed everything on the bed :- from her body , her mangal sutra to the flowers on her hair and bed. After 10 minutes of hardcore fucking, he climaxed inside her cunt and just fell over her, while she clawed him. She had over 4 orgasms in that session where his seeds went into her till then fresh pussy. Thus my beautiful wife had lost her virginity to another man, that too on our first night.

They then fucked in cowboy style, with my wife riding his dick. She was really enjoying this roller-coaster ride on Sagar’s dick. Whatever we had planned to do was executed by Sagar. After the cowboy style fucking, Anita wanted to give Sagar a blow job, and she had learnt the art quite well by then, taking his monster cock in her mouth totally with ease and sucking it like a lollipop, and she made him explode a lot quicker. This time she took the load in her mouth, looking at my friend with lust and dripping half the load on her boobs.

Sagar entered her pussy again, and then they fucked wildly in missionary position for half an hour before sleeping off in each other’s arms without even switching off the lights. Even they would have lost count of the number of orgasms they must have experienced in those thirty minutes. Early in the morning Sagar woke up, told Anita not to disclose whatever happened within the four walls, put me back on the bed, kissed her, wore his clothes and left. My wife thanked him for the wonderful night with a 2 two minute long kiss

And they decided to have more intercourse in the future. They never realized they were being caught on camera the whole night. Shocked by seeing this, I decided to take a DNA test for our child and it revealed that I wasn’t its father. Obviously Sagar was. But I didn’t talk to my wife about this as it would not only ruin our relationship, but also spread as an insult to me and my family. For the sake of the society I had to be the father of the child.

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