Boss fucks sexy wife of employee

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Hi all, without any formalities I come to story. I am a Bank Officer(24) unmarried recently posted at nagpur. I belong to a very medium family at U.P. and cost of living at Nagpur is very High. I had to spent most of my salary in house rent and fooding. I was unable to send any mony to my parants.

I was in search of a cheap house and for which I was requesting to all of my customers visiting my bank. One day one mid age man aged about 47 said me that after consulting his wife he may offer his house. Next day he came and offered me one room in his house with a condition that I will be there paying guest and I have to co-operate in the house hold works as if I was family member.

The rent was very cheaper. I accepted without any hagitation. I was given this opportunity because his son left the home after service as softwere engineer at Mumbai there he got married and never comes to Nagpur. After my arrival, the wife of the landlord becam very pleased to see me as her son. We use to take breakfast, and dinner all togather.

Every thing was smooth. after 3 months one evening the land lord to whom I use to call uncle came to house in very sad mood and told me that he has been alleged of misappropriation of Rs. one lac and about to be suspended by his boss. We were also sad but I consoled him telling that I shal help in the matter and will meet with his boss.

His boss told me that one lakh rupees were collected from our client by uncle which he did not deposit in the bank. But uncle was saying that he has deposited the amount. Since the account was in my bank, I assured my uncle that I will examine the vouchers. On examination I found that the all vouchers were correct and on that particular day uncle has deposited the amount correctly.

I went to uncles’ office and told the fact to his boss. Boss welcomed me very warmly and offered dirnks which I refused. Then he told me that he is a widower and 7 years back his wife died. He is in urnest need of sex with a woman. Since he is a renound man of city, he can not go to any prostitution. One day he saw me with aunti in market and from that day he is willing get her.

This false alligation is one of the part of the game. I was astonished to know the game of the officer who was aged about 50 years very tall and handsome figure like sportsman. I refused and he repeatedly requested me to help. Lastly he offered promotion of uncle and withdrawal of allegation.If so happens and his salary will be increased by about 9000.

I became weak here and agreed. He gave 7 thousand rupees to purchase a good gift for aunty. Next morning when uncle went to office, I conveyed to aunt that there is no chance to save the service of uncle. She became worried. After that I told her that Boss has also offered if she spent one night with her then he may withdraw his suspension.

Now her time was to be astonished with open mouth. She ran to bed room and stayed there for a while. When she returned, she looked normal and agreed to go there tomorrow when his husband will be on tour. I gave her all 7 thousand rupees which uncle’s boss has given to me. In the night we all took meal togather and went for sleep.

After 30 minutes when I needed water, went to kitchen, In way I saw that the light of uncles room was on. I became curious to see what is happening inside. I put my eyes to crack of the window and saw that aunty is is on bed completely nude and uncle is removing his cloths in standing position.

I want to tel here that aunt is very charming lady of 5ft 7inch height, fair and bit fleshy body with not big not small boob. Boob was very tight nd fleshy. To the contrary uncle is short, dark colour. Height 5feet 4inch with lin and thin personality. accordingly his tool was also too small about 4 inch. He came over the aunt and started fucking direct without any foreplay.

After 5 minutes only, he took a long breath & cummed inside. He was finished. I saw that a dense pubic hair on the secret part of aunt. Aunt tried to continue but uncle went for a sleep. now she was masturbating with fingure. after a while she slept alos by putting off the light. I came to my room and thinking about all I have seen.

I was also thinking that Boss will repeat the same thing with aunty. When I got up in the morning, uncle had already left for tour. I took B/F and went to office. That time aunt said me to bring som stuff to eat in the evening as she will not be able to cook out of mental condition. In the office I informed the Boss that she will come today at 9pm to their residence.

He was pleased. In the evening when I returned to home I took some chowmin and chicken chilly which aunt likes very much. I left the home without any nortice and returned at 8 pm. By that time aunt was ready to leave for Boss house. She requested to accompany her as she was afraid to go alone to an unknown person’s house.

She had a very good light makeup from beauty parlour. I also saw that she had done waxing on her arms which looked very beautiful. Perhaps he spent the entire day in the bedauty parlour. She was also wearing a brand new jeorget saree and sleevless blouse. Presume she has spent all 7 thousand rupee on pourchasing and beauty parlour.

We reached to Boss house exact at 9pm. I rang the well. The door was opened immediately as he was waiting for us. He told “Bahut der kar di aap logon ne. Mai to bahut der se intejar kar raha tha”. In reply aunt simply smiled cutely. We sat in the drawing room and boss brought various type of sweets in good quantity and served to us.

I was busy to consume my share of sweets but bos was busy in feeding sweets to aunt sitting beside her. When we finished, boss asked me to go to guest room for sleep and he grabbed the waist of aunty by his right hand to let her go to bed room. He bolted the door from inside. I was feeling breathlessness in the guest room and was searching way to get fresh air.

I went up the staircase to find the roof. In mid way I find that there was a ventilator from which light was coming. It was on height so I brought a stool from drawing room to reach the height of the ventilator. When I peeped through, I found that it was the bed room of boos. It was very big and well docorated.

In the middle a very good double bed cot with decorative bed sheet was there. The bed room was full of light with 3 tubelights. A very attractive dressing table with large glass was also there. Both were embrassing each other with full body contact in front of mirror. Boss started to kiss aunty on her neck, chick. she was moaning a bit.

After 5 minutes he came back side of aunt and put his arms between the armpit to reach boob of her. She was feeling shy and covered the boob by her arms. He was contineously trying to reach the boob fully but failed. Aunty out of shyness not allowing full access of her body wlthough she was willing. Now boss started to kiss on the weak spots of her face.

She started moaning. All on a sudden aunty brought her lips near to his lips and put a deep kiss and asked “Ye kaun sa naya niyam ban gaya hai ki husby ko bachane ke liye wife ko raat me ghoos dena padta hai”. Boss replied ” Ye koi niyam nahi hai sweet heart, maine aapko 1 bar market me bank officer ke sath dekha tha tab maine guess kiya ki aap mere employee ke wife ho.

Tabhi se app par dil aa gaya tha darling”. With telling “darling” he squeezed the boob of aunty very regorously. She smiled. Now the sarri was removed with a bit resistance from her. She was in armless blouse and petticoat. When he started to remove the blouse, she requested not to remove.

He expressed his desire “aaj to app meri 1 raat ki KHAS mehman hain, Aaj mai jo chahunga wohi hoga aur meri hi manmani chalegi”. And he any how removed the blouse. Her body was sining in the tube light. He was trying to reach her boob from upper side but her resistance was increased by covering it with her arms.

Although she was knowing that she can not be escaped from nudity but for woman shyness. Perhaps how a woman can easily become nude before a new man- a great indian woman thinking was there.And hend there were no any move fom her side. But she was also enjoying this hide and seek game.

He could not succeed fully to touch the bare skin of boob which was very soft. Now he started co concengrate on other parts of body. He engaged one hand to reveal the boob and another was busy in surfing the entire body of aunt. While surfing his hand found the tag of her silky petticoat which he pulled it in one act. The petticoat was on the gound now.

I saw a glow in her eyes but with shyness. She found herself helpless. She smiled in a defeated manner and removed her hand from her bra. Now bra was also opened. She was completely nude and her body was looking like an angel. She had done vaxing on her entire body. That time I could know the actual hidden beauty of my aunty.

I was thinking that I will be lucky if I get chance to fuck her. Boss started to remove his cloths with the help of aunty. When he removed is last wearing-underwear his tool jumped out. It was very bigggggggg in size about 10 inch long and as thick as a wrist of woman. She was afraid and told ” Aapka size to bahut bada hai, mere pati ka iske aadha se v kam hai”.

Boss replied “Aap chinta na karen, jab ye apni manzil paa lega to aapko bahut maza dega”. He took aunty in his arm and and put her on bed. He also came by her side and started kissing and loving entire body. When he tried to lick the pussy, she tighten her leg out of shyness. Any how his fingers reached to the spot and he started the finger fuck. She was moaning.

15 minutes later, he put her leg on her shoulder and pointed his large tool to the choot of aunt. I saw that yesterday there were dense pubic hair around her choot, which was absent today. He was also clean shaved around his tool. When he pushed his lund a bit on the door of choot, she cried “uii maa! mar gayi”.

He bent upon and took her mouth in his mouth and started half inch pull and 1 inch push action. She was trying to cry loudly but her mouth was closed by his mouth. After herculian effort, he was able to insert entire tool inside. Here he was in rest for a while. I saw tears coming from the core of eye of aunt. After 5 minute his body started movement.

After 2-3 minutes I was surprised to see that she was also co-operating him by upward movement of her ass. Fast pumping started and both were enjoying it. In between she cummed once. After 30 minutes of rapid fuck boss commed inside her and took rest for 10 minutes. Boss again started to grab the boobs.

He took one nipple in his mouth and another nipple between his fingers. She started moaning. He parted her legs started to suck the clatories. He started tougue fuck. This time he succedd to eccess the love hole. Before sucking it he wiped it with a wet towel. His LUND was again errect and they started in doggy style.

She was on her all four legs and boss was standing on knee behind her. A rapid pumping was there. With each stroke the boob was oscilating in the air which was increasing charm in my viewing. I opened my zip and freed my tool and started masturbating slowly.Again he cummed and released all the love fluid in side her choot. but he did not stop.

He again started to suck the coot of aunty and swallowed his own fluid. they positioned to 69 and aunty started to suck the tool. It was very difficult to put the lund in her mouth due to its thickness. She had to open her mouth in full size. Soon jis lund became errect and started to fuck in standing position position in front of mirror.

They were watching their own image as they ware watching a blue film. That night they fucked 5 times in different position till 4.30 morning. Both went to wash and there spent 20 minutes. Perhaps one another fuck was there. They clothed themselves. While departing aunty took a dep french kiss and said “Tumne mujhe wo maza diya hai jise mai jindagi var nahi bhool sakti.

Tum mujhe maar kyon nahi dalte”. His reply was kiss with massage of boob. We came back at 5.30 am to our home. Uncle was promoted to higher post and his salary was increased by ten thousand. Now he had to go on tour frequently.

Aunt use to go the the house of boss with me when husband was on tour. I also use to peep through ventilator & masturbating simultaneously with their fuck. My mind was greedy of sex now and finding the opportunity to fuck aunt which I succeed

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